"For years, growing up right here in the First State, I have watched politicians show up to the City of Wilmington, hold babies, take photos, and never deliver a single promise.  I have continued to watch politicians take advantage of our people for votes, all while witnessing our murder and crime rates rise, our state become number 2 in overdoses, and our GDP fall to 50th in the US.  It's time for change, it's time we bring in non career politicians, and it's time we Take Back Congress by RESTORING THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE"


Restoring Power To The People 

Being a Congressman should not be about reporting to Washington and leaving constituents behind, never to be seen again until election time.  I want to be involved with all of my constituents, all the time  That means, when voting on bills, I want to provide the State of Delaware with real time information and interaction about what is being proposed, why it has been brought before the house, and base my voting by my constituent's wants and needs.

In December of 2017, I began Chairing Town Hall Meetings. In doing so, I have successfully stood by the people of my community, giving the people back their voice. With success, we have watched crime and overdoses decline. There has been an overwhelming sense of hope for our community with an overwhelming power of unity.  As your congressman, my duty is to bring forth issues and demands of my constituents to Capital Hill.  My job is to adequately represent the people.

By holding town hall meetings across the state of Delaware, I will be able to hear the wants and needs of my constituents.  I will dedicate time to chair in person town hall meetings to speak to the constituents of the State of Delaware to ensure your voices are being heard.  

Our country was founded upon the guiding principles of "We the people" and it's time we restore that, today!

Opioid Epidemic


As a recovering drug addict of five years, I have shared experience, strength, and hope which can help us advance in this crisis. Just recently, the CDC released to the general public the updated Overdose Fatality Statistics.  It just so happens, Delaware has risen to number two in highest overdoses fatalities in all of the United States. 


For the past three years I have sat in on multiple substance abuse committees and task forces.  I have witnessed and taken note to the attempted resolution being implemented and I promise to bring forth true satisfactory resolution resonating directly from Washington.

Proposing legislation to provide a system of accountability from the very beginning and affording our citizens with adequate and proper treatment continued with rigorous follow up, and re-entry programs at which will help people achieve LONG TERM sobriety.  Providing people with 15 day detox followed by outpatient treatment associated with Medication Assisted Treatment only masks the real issues of why we use.  Implementing STRONG long term treatment. 

My primary purpose is to help people who suffer from substance abuse disorders to achieve sobriety and to do so, we will vamp up all available resources to combat this epidemic properly, so we all can stop burying our loved ones.



According to the OECD, "The U.S. ranks 14th in the world in the percentage of 25-34 year-olds with higher education (42%). have an upper secondary education are just 29% -- one of the lowest levels among OECD countries."
And According to U.S. NEWS "When isolating the 64 countries that administered the test in both 2015 and 2018, U.S. students ranked 30th in math, up from 35th in 2015, and eighth in reading, up from 15th in 2015. In science, U.S. students ranked 11th, up from 17th in 2015."

This is absolutely unacceptable.  

Education is a key important fundamental for our youth and the future of our nation.  By working with educators, decreasing classroom sizes, and providing solid legislation to provide our schools with the proper funding to adequately provide our children with resources to improve their education.  WE CAN AND WILL SURPASS OUR BIGGEST GLOBAL COMPETITORS.  

Prison Reform

Each offender is costing American Tax Payers anywhere from $31,000-$60,000 a year, costing an overall total at 69 billion dollars a year at the very least.  

Not only do we need to restructure sentencing for offenders, but we need to implement a system that teaches men and women life skills and how to apply them in every day life.  To do so we must ensure all facilities are able assess offenders properly, associate risk factors of re-offending, and place the offenders directly into a proper treatment  and programming plan that is based solely on their needs to correct antisocial behaviors. 

We need to devise an incentive based system that provides hope, encourages value, self worth, accountability, and the ability to transition back in to society with a re-entry system that has proper followup and adequate resources to reduce recidivism rates. 

In addition, I believe prison reform starts with the community.  This needs to be a collective effort to help end the cyclical processes of the judiciary system. To help get men and women out of the system and back out on to the streets as productive members of society.


It's rather simple.  We need to be making sure legislation being passed is to benefit the American People.  We need to ensure we are taking care of ALL Americans first.   My role as your Representative is to represent you in a way that provides you with a voice to be heard.  I will always stand firm in what is right.  I will always stand with the wants and needs of my constituents, and i will always ensure I put AMERICA FIRST.​

We have to stop outsourcing jobs, and that's going to start with taxing corporations that are taking away from american jobs by outsourcing employment opportunities to save money.  We have to put and end to Globalist interests that are taking away from the American Dream, and that starts with putting AMERICA FIRST. 


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